Karenkitty and the Kittycat Club

Karenkitty, a bold white woman known for making baseless accusations against people of color online, has become something of an Internet meme. Within recent months alone, two such Karens emerged: Hospital Karen of Bellevue who was falsely accused of stealing a Citi Bike belonging to a black teenager; and Upper West Side Karen — an attorney who set up a fundraiser in response to being labeled Karen after posting photos showing unlicensed food vendors at Riverside Park.

Nancy becomes upset with Karen at a Kittycat Club meeting after believing that she may have thrown her shoe and attempts to justify this by calling Kristy. Kristy arrives and is also upset with Karen; when Nancy invites Kristy along so they can form a new Kittycat Club so Kristy can become president, Karen reluctantly agrees.

Karen begins fantasizing about everyone in Watson’s neighborhood leaving and needing cat sitters, giving the Kittycat Club plenty of business and making all its members wealthy. However, Karen fails to hear when Hannie suggests they might first need to exchange greetings first.

After leaving with her friends to sit two cats, Karenkitty returns home disappointed that none of them hired them yet. To address her disappointment she decides to rename Kittycat Club into Kittycat ‘N Dog Sitting Business and advertise widely. Once back at home however she finds out no one has hired them yet and becomes even more frustrated that nobody has hired them as pet sitters yet.

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