Jenny Scordamaglia Groping

The TV presenter Jenny Scordamaglia has come under fire for her questionable groping during an interview with the UK’s Woman’s Hour. She had previously been accused of being overly sexual with other celebrities, and the allegations have blown up after a video of her groping a man was filmed and published online.

Jenny Scordamaglia, a TV Presenter Outrageous, Lets Party

One of the more outrageous TV presenters on television is Jenny Scordamaglia. The show host and reporter has been known to push the boundaries of fashion and her outfits. She’s also one of the internet’s most famous personalities, with over 65,000 followers on Twitter. You knew it was going to be an unforgettable night when she attended a Miami raunchy event.

She wore a transparent blue dress that showed her knickers and nipples in Miami. She also held her hands out wide for her viewers to see her assets. She was able to see her boobs, but she also spoke with the audience. Guests were able to touch her boobs for about ten seconds. However, she was not allowed to laugh. Guests were then given “dare” cards, which were meant to intimidate them.

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