If you discovered your boyfriend had installed hidden cameras all around your apartment (and possibly on your cellphone too), the revelation likely sent shockwaves through you and you might want to do something about it. I suggest turning off all power to destroy any cameras before packing up all your stuff and leaving. In addition, consider filing a restraining order against them or seeking legal advice; spying without an official warrant is illegal so getting legal representation in case any private moments end up online somewhere will provide more peace of mind than trying to deal with this on your own if needed.

Hidden cameras are discreet devices that record video and audio without drawing attention from those they observe, usually appearing like keychains, watches or pens and being operated remotely from a smartphone or tablet device.

Devices designed to spy can be disguised in items that are easy to spot, such as clocks, smoke detectors, wall decor or USB charging blocks. While some devices might be more obvious – like stuffed animals or tissue boxes – others use clever camouflage techniques such as the Snap SmartCam that looks like an everyday USB charging device so no one suspects its true function as a spy camera.

This method for detecting spy cameras works on wired and wireless devices alike and can be implemented in many different situations, from shopping in stores to home inspection. To utilize it, switch all lights off before using a flashlight to search the area for blinking red or green LEDs.

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