How to Achieve Pleasure in a Safe and Healthy Way

Pleasure is any emotional or physical sensation that makes us feel happy and relaxed, such as sexual experiences, food, exercise, music, art or socializing. Pleasure comes from all areas of life including sexual experiences, food, exercise, music art socialization. When enjoyed responsibly pleasure can help build self-esteem as well as provide stress relief, helping prevent depression or anxiety from setting in. Pleasure should always be enjoyed safely for optimal mental and physical health – understanding how best to achieve pleasure is vitally important!

As our society becomes increasingly sex-positive, stigma still surrounds masturbation despite its many health and wellbeing benefits for both men and women. Engaging in self-stimulation is a natural and healthy form of sexual pleasure which can benefit both parties involved; engaging in masturbation regularly can increase libido, enhance intimacy, provide emotional and physical health benefits such as strengthening pelvic floor muscles and bladder control, as well as lower the risk of genital cancer. Furthermore, engaging in masturbation helps raise awareness of your personal needs which makes communicating them with others easier!

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