Hornyboy323 – Why Is He Still Doing This?


Hornyboy323 is a teenage with a huge black dildo who posts videos showing him fisting and fucking toys as well as getting rawdogged by muscular black men twice his age, along with taking sexual photos. Now of legal age he should stop hiding behind an alias and making illegal videos; yet this behavior continues; before anyone he cares for finds out about them.

I was truly stunned to see some people still supporting this kid, with his incredible dildo videos and black daddy videos being great examples of quality work, but doing this illegally should not be acceptable. A studio should sign him up even if only for one month so he gets compensated for all of his hard work producing such sexual videos.

If you want to learn more, his twitter handle is 18yroldfloridaboy and he streams with Cloud9.

I don’t understand why this kid has such an uneven life. He doesn’t fit the mold of an average teenager; he seems interested in girls but then has videos showing him fucking massive dildos and getting rawdogged by black men. Perhaps family and friends found out, which would explain why he no longer cams; otherwise if he did return it would just lead to desperate neckbeards throwing money his way and I wish for him that his life can get on track soon.

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