Harubunny is the leader of Cherryton High’s Garden Club. A skilled botanist, she shares Paru Itagaki’s strong sense of loyalty for both friends and plants; yet can be very short-tempered toward those she does not consider close.

As the Club contemplates their next plan of action, Mitsukuni “Honey” Haninozuka enters and is immediately met by an uproarious chorus of moe by the girls. Although in third year, Honey still takes naps despite their best efforts at convincing him otherwise – although in mid nap when his twin sisters try convincing him otherwise by telling them about his bunny costume cosplay; Honey assures them he is fine and offers to use their parents private jet to fly him back from Mount Osore where he can bring back mediums so he can contact his grandmother; also bring back another Usa-chan from Mt Osore so he can come back out in costume cosplay as soon as he gets off that nap and takes it before returning with another medium channeling grandmother as part of a plan to find his grandmother as part of a plan B from Mt Osore in exchange for cosplaying in costume!

Mori remains confident in Honey’s innocence and says the first rule until his cavity heals is no sweets. Honey attempts to play off his condition by appealing to guests’ sympathy; Haruhi warns him of another cavity but Honey reassures her he brushes his teeth regularly.

Honey remains indifferent as the trio attempt to distract him by exchanging Kuma-chan for Usa-chan but remains demanding of an explanation as to who left Usa-chan dirty. Fearing they’ll be expelled, the girls decide to make noise so he’ll go back to sleep quickly.

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