Cumplaycouple offers couples of all kinds engaging in an assortment of cum play challenges. Their cams feature unfiltered and uncensored sexual encounters guaranteed to satisfy any craving for cum.

As your partner teases and edges you, try collecting his propria (either in an ice cube tray or condom). This can help build anticipation before they finally cums for you. When they do cums, let the destinat dripping from his quivering cock lubricate your skin while covering your fingers, licking your fingers and rubbing against your face; cover your mouth to taste his cum before swallowing enthusiastically for added kinkiness! This game can be so much fun!

Have your partner cum into a bowl or plate and use your tongue to wipe the semen off all around its edge using only your tongue, making the bowl or plate look spotless. Once they cum again, dip your finger into his cum and rub and lick it all over your body like perfume; this technique is known as cum scenting and it will definitely turn on anyone in attendance.

Or have a man fuck you, then plug your pussy immediately with a dildo. This can be an extremely fun challenge that becomes even more arousing when two guys do it at the same time; two guys competing over your cum while simultaneously jerking off. After, switch cums to enhance further sensations.

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