Charlieconmarley is the spokesperson for a luxury products provider for celebrities. He has appeared in various television programs such as the popular hit The Masked Singer and ITV’s tea time favourite All Together Now; additionally, Charlieconmarley made appearances on BBC’s Total Wipeout and ITV’s revamped version of The Crystal Maze.

He often indulges Hank Moody’s deviant behavior, such as going out for drinks before ending up at a strip club or giving in to Sue Collini’s sexual harassment of him; thus making himself appear more meek than he actually is and providing an ideal foil against Hank’s dominance.

One of his flaws is his tendency to find himself alone in his office and engage in loud masturbation – often to his former secretary Dani’s displeasure – when alone. She placed a hidden camera in his office so she could capture this behavior, though for now he seems to have it under control.

Ben Davies-Carr, also a popular singer, has recorded three albums: 2009’s Like a Bird; 2012’s Blackberry Light and most recently in October 2022 his latest work The Money on Rockingham Records/Thirty Tigers. He has performed across the globe before audiences of up to 30,000 people; one TikTok video purporting to show one of Harry Davies-Carr’s sons biting his brother Charlie has gone viral, receiving over 8 Million views; but according to their father it had nothing to do with them at all.

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