Camshow Recordings – How to Look Great on Camera

Camshow Recordings

Create an impactful video without all of the hassle associated with traditional production methods. Use a webcam-based video platform to produce presentations, webinars, virtual face-to-face conversations or lectures using this webcam-based video platform; upload, edit and download video content that looks professional for easy sharing on any social network platform or online video player.

One of the keys to looking your best on camera is taking note of your lighting. Use natural, diffused sunlight as the main source, rather than harsh direct lighting that can wash out features and lead to squinting. Also be mindful of other sources in the room — too much backlighting can leave you looking like an apparition on screen!

Maintain eye contact with the camera to connect with viewers. Limit movement and distractions so as to not distract viewers from your message; avoid looking down at notes and rubbing hands as this could create disengagement among viewers; instead glance occasionally at your computer screen to ensure that its content aligns with what was planned for presentation.

An engaging shot of your head and shoulders can make all the difference to the quality of your final video. Be sure to follow the Rule of Thirds by positioning yourself near the center of the frame; check your positioning by hovering your mouse over the camera view in your video recording toolbar – keep in mind though, larger resolutions require additional processing power and storage space.

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