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Dreamwave Productions’ revised Generation 1 continuity features Bumblebee as one of the Autobots trapped aboard the crashed Ark which later reappeared on Earth in 1984. He does not carry the All Spark, yet quickly befriends Spike Witwicky.

Bumblebee was originally assigned as Hot Shot and Raf Esquivel’s guardian after they were rescued, safeguarding them against human terrorists. Later he responded to Cliffjumper’s plea for assistance and became protector for Mini-Cons Backtrack and Ransack; once their voice processor had been damaged by accident (although he still struggled squeaks and whines laboriously).

Bumblebee takes control of the Autobots when Rodimus Prime becomes incapacitated during an attack by Decepticons; unfortunately he wasn’t able to save Hot Shot and Sparkplug from their deaths.

After the war, he is among those Autobots that welcome Earth as their new home, although at first he feared they may be expelled due to corrupt leadership of Matrix. Later paired with Mini-Cons Shockwave and Wheeljack for investigating Stunticons who threaten Autobots’ supply chains.

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