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One in a blue moon, someone emerges from among celebrity children with real talent – perhaps someone like Carrie Fisher or Ronan Farrow – to defy our deep-seated antipathy to nepotism with hard work and good intentions. Maya Hawke (Fairytale Robin on Stranger Things and daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke) made her mark with her debut album ‘Blush.’ Maya proved herself worthy to join this exclusive list with her debut LP release “Blush”.

After years of overzealous “shake and bake” contouring, beauty professionals are finally appreciating the subtler beauty of blush. Creams, gels, powders and liquid formulas featuring peach, caramel, petal pink, tomato red and even deep burgundy tones have begun making an appearance on beauty counters: Kylie Cosmetics’ vegan-friendly Pressed Powder Blush; Charlotte Tilbury’s protean Pillow Talk Lip & Cheek Glow; Milk Makeup’s translucent Bionic Blush are among them.

No other product compares to Benefit’s Starlaa Wanderful World Silky-Soft Powder Blush, a medium brownish peach shade that gives cheeks some sun. Although not an exact dupe of Dallas (reviewed earlier this year), it falls within its same family and should be worth checking out if you’re searching for something similar.

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