Elizabeth Gray is an alumna of Brandeis University and graduate of Harvard’s Institute for Educational Management’s Graduate School of Education, holding residencies for play writing residency as well as television/radio productions and numerous film/television productions as a scriptwriter/producer. Gray was also key in writing an award-winning radio documentary about Paul Whiteman as well as having written music for numerous musicals, performing onstage in numerous performances as well as short films.

Through her book, she vividly recreates places and times that defined her – from her preteen days in 1970s Malibu and wild child nights on New York’s club scene to her breakthrough role in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. With self-deprecating humor and honesty, she recounts romantic adventures as well as revealing a life-altering accident which almost caused its demise.

She currently works as Senior Managing Director at Strategic Fundraising Advisors where she and her team raise capital for nonprofit organizations that reflect Mike Milken’s philanthropic interests. Prior to SFA, she served as Vice President at the Milken Institute, where she created and launched the Center for Advancng the American Dream to honor educators, entrepreneurs and natural climate solutions.

She juggles her professional and family life admirably; being both wife and mother to two sons. Additionally, she often attends golf tournaments run by her husband as well as supporting them at public events with their kids. Furthermore, she’s an avid reader and self-declared foodie!

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