Angiefae’s Videos – Book Review


Angiefae’s Videos

Everyone in Angie’s small town was taken aback when she chose the Air Force over basketball scholarship offers for college, but Angie feels she got shortchanged by this decision – particularly after her sister died in Iraq and her suicide attempt went viral online. Now at school and at home she faces relentless bullying by both emotionally distant mother and toxic brother – her only ray of hope coming in the form of newcomer KC Romance who she thinks may provide the answer to her troubled life.

Angie’s journey of grief may veer into wish-fulfilling implausibility at times, yet her journey is believable and even admirable; her anger begins to focus on more appropriate targets before finding friends and gaining greater insight into her brother. A road trip arranged specifically by Angie to visit sites her sister wanted her to visit adds further poignancy and healing power to this tale.

The author tackles various contemporary issues with credibility and considerable rhetorical skill, giving Angie’s gradual grieving process and her tentative attempts at recovery something readers of all ages can relate to – especially those dealing with their own family or friendship issues.

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