Allotropp and the Digital Lab

Pharma industry organizations are shifting towards digital laboratories where data becomes a driving force in operations and decision-making processes. Allotropp’s non-proprietary data standards for lab instruments that use Allotrope Simple Model are key in this transition process.

Linked data connects results and evidence with the people, equipment, processes and studies from which it was collected, which helps reduce human error while improving scientific reproducibility and quality. It can also facilitate laboratory automation that powers downstream analytics while supporting CMC compliance prior to making critical decisions – Allotropp’s framework facilitates this through its universal human readable FAIR data format.

Allotropp is proud to be participating in the NFDI4chem (Non-Proprietary Data Infrastructure for Chemistry) project to create an open and FAIR data infrastructure in chemistry. By sharing linked data between software systems using a common data standard and ontology, Allotropp enhances communication while also facilitating seamless transfer of analytical methods between platforms.

Allotropp’s GitHub repository houses instrument data converters which facilitate direct capture of serial lab device data directly into browser web pages for direct conversion to Allotrope ASM JSON format. These converters can transform data from numerous instruments and can easily be customized to suit individual instrumentations requirements, offering end-to-end solution of collecting instrument information at analog/digital input and sending it directly to a central server for processing and publishing with end-to-end scalability and security in mind.

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