Akira Cosplay

Cosplay as Akira

Over three decades after Akira first premiered, its impact is still felt today from music videos to movie remakes. Now with Warner Bros producing their live-action remake of this beloved anime film, fans are finding new ways to pay homage. Cosplayer Chibi T has recreated Kaneda herself with an impressive genderbent costume which perfectly represents Akira’s look and feel!

Katsuhiro Otomo’s masterwork centers around a group of rebels attempting to bring down a massive government complex in Neo-Tokyo only to find themselves drawn deeper into supernatural realms as one member – Tetsuo – discovers an unsuspected power which may threaten all humanity. Akira’s “Capsules,” an unlikely collection of outsiders with superpowers whom many can relate to – orphans, punks and those shunned by society – represent outsiders with superpowers who can connect with society as outsiders themselves.

Thus, their personalities vary and often clash. Take Ohtori for instance; she had an immense crush on Akira but after being forced into having sex with her by his company CEO she eventually turned zombified, leaving Akira too terrified to confess his affections in person so instead wrote it on a bucket list and made that his first priority to complete.

Chibi T’s Akira cosplay perfectly captures Kaneda’s bold personality with her red leather jacket, complete with its iconic details such as its signature red kabuki mask hoodie. Her Akira costume is authentic and makes an excellent way to demonstrate your appreciation of cult classic movie Akira!

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