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XoJane website and its 2.6 million readers demonstrate how confessional writing has found new life online. Once considered an inconsequential byproduct of journalism, confessional pieces now find a larger audience online as an antidote to celebrity news stories found in mainstream papers.

Pratt has built her career around inspiring women to write openly about their lives. At US teen magazine Sassy, she pioneered an article format known as “It Happened to Me”. Later on she expanded this concept for publication on Jane – her magazine for women.

The comics follow Jane, an outgoing soft-butch lesbian of a certain age who’s constantly getting into hilarious situations at her newspaper job and personal relationships. Chelle, her longtime best friend who looks similar to Trinity from The Matrix is constantly getting Jane into trouble while Dorothy runs Hard Drive Cafe where many storylines take place; both Dorothy and Jane have been around since day one!

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