Abbyroseof2003 – Facts About Abby Roseof2003

Abbyroseof2003 is an American Fashion Model, Instagram Star, Youtuber, Social Media Influencer, Vlogger and Entrepreneur best known for her seductive modeling shoots and other fashion related videos on Youtube and Social Media. Additionally she co-founded “clubhouse”.

After beginning her career as a cosmetologist, she transitioned into professional modeling in 2017. Moving to Los Angeles was necessary in order to maximize her modeling potential and become well-known online through various successful endeavors.

She derives much of her income through online activities, including collaborations with other models and promotion of her fashion line through social media accounts. According to estimates as of 2020, her estimated net worth ranges between $600K-900K.

She boasts an enviable body with long gleaming light hair, bright brown eyes and fuller lips which makes her particularly appealing in outfits and modeling photos. She maintains her hourglass figure through regular exercises as well as using “Fashion Nova” beauty products to maintain her appearance.

She had been dating Bryan Quang Le, better known by his YouTube handle RiceGum, until their breakup later in 2016. Additionally, she found herself involved in controversy while dating Logan Paul who became her current flame.

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