A_D_S_Play is an attractive young woman with a stunningly hot body who is perfect for fulfilling any Master’s deepest sexual fantasies. Always eager to please, A_D_S_Play enjoys tease-and-seduce sessions as well as giving oral sex sessions in different positions as well as engaging in threesome play dates.

One of the greatest joys of D/s play is teaching your partner exactly how to satisfy you – an exhilarating experience that can spill into other aspects of your relationship and beyond. D/s play allows you to explore your desires more fully, rather than simply hoping they come true! It is far better than simply hoping.

Selecting roles is another essential aspect of D/s play. Some may prefer sticking to their preferred dominant/submissive roles all the time, while others might like switching up between Dom and Sub roles during sessions. Some even use safe words as a way to establish boundaries and prevent being trapped into situations that are too intense for them.

At its core, maintaining open lines of communication is paramount. Check in regularly with your partner to make sure both are enjoying themselves equally.

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