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Cosmas Indicopleustes wrote in the 6th century that unicorns could never be captured alive as their strength lay in their sensitive horn. If something hard were to cause it to fall onto its body, all the shock would be taken up by its horn instead of hitting the ground directly.’

This one-horned beast may have originated from observations of antelope or deer who had lost or been born with only one horn, as well as from Japan’s Kirin and Qilin animals which appear during war and peace to symbolize divinity. Additionally, these beasts would often defend their territory against invaders while turning its head to warn of imminent danger or broadcast their message with one voice.

Today, unicorns have become an integral part of American culture. From children’s t-shirts and teddy bears, to movies and books featuring them and even my four-year old daughter’s lunchbox. Thus I was shocked when I read a Smithsonian article claiming they had successfully tracked one in the wild using bejeweled satellite collars.

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