YouTube is an incredible resource for online video, catering to people of all backgrounds and ages. People of all ages use it to learn new skills and connect with like-minded individuals; yet many remain confused as to the “tube” part of YouTube; originally meant as a reference to cathode ray tube televisions that were common before flat screen models became prevalent.

“Tube” refers to any small hollow cylinder used for transporting liquids or gases – such as the famous London subway/metro system commonly referred to as “The Tube”. Additionally, this term can refer to any long elongated part of a plant’s corolla or calyx that extends outward from its main stem.

The G-Tube (Gastroesophageal Tube, or ‘G-Tube’) is a medical device designed to deliver fluids, vitamins, minerals, medications and other nutritional support directly into infants and children’s GI systems. If there is leakage from their g-tube site it’s important to contact their care team immediately so they can discuss treatment options and determine the most effective approach.

John was inspired by the principles behind fine classic tube-based processors when creating his line of TUBE-TECH gear, designed for recording studios, musicians, and producers alike. Engineered using only premium components with an emphasis on simple no-nonsense circuitry design rather than flashy features; TUBE-TECH offers high quality sound that’s easy to hear both solo and in your mix.

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