“The Track” is an emotive opera which explores themes of redemption, human nature and personal trauma. John was heavily influenced by both his youth involvement with Charismatic Christianity as well as witnessing the Port Arthur massacre when creating this piece’s libretto and music.

John was an adept multitasker who excelled onstage and behind-the-scene. As an opera singer himself, John championed many upcoming singers he helped both challenge and support them. John was a superb pianist whose wide-ranging skills enabled him to coach singers on experiencing and grasping orchestral soundscapes onstage. John was one of the best, organised, exacting, reliable backstage conductors I had ever come across; an area in which mishaps often become the topic of insider opera jokes; John always ran an efficient ship!

John had an avid passion for words and various languages – particularly Italian – which led him to travel extensively across Italy in search of its secrets. An avid autodidact with an extraordinary capacity for learning complex subjects quickly.

At 10 years old, Dulcey Taylor learned an important life lesson – don’t leave your ukulele unattended on a porch chair at the beach where some mischievous teenager can come along and sit on it and break it into pieces! Although this was difficult, she took it all in stride and ever since then her passion for singing and guitar playing blossomed, leading to performances alongside artists such as Jerry Lee Lewis and Asleep at the Wheel.

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