Sasha Strones is a charming young lady who likes to break the rules. Her sense of power and dominance is demonstrated when she convinced Anne to skip her birthday party in order to steal a music box from Marcy – Sasha is indirectly the reason Anne ended up at Amphibia as she encouraged her to skip school in order to travel Newtopia in search of it.

Sasha may appear charming and rule-breaking at first, but she is actually very intelligent. She quickly formed connections with both soldiers and Grime, helping her escape Toad Tower after its collapse. Additionally, Sasha proved herself as an exceptional strategist by leading Plantars and Toad Army members towards victory against robots.

Sasha was also a skilled fighter, employing two heron swords to use in dual wield. She could often be seen wearing a short leather jacket adorned with two heron sword patches on its left sleeve; a v-neck lavender top; knee length burgundy skirt and pale lilac socks under black boots – as well as small gold hoop earrings and red and gray sunglasses.

Sasha was the first of the three human girls to discover King Andrias’ true intent and attempted to warn Anne but her friend would not listen and attacked her instead. Sasha took an abrupt swipe at Anne but eventually realized her mistake and apologized profusely for their disagreement.

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