Neononme and Your Nonprofit

Neononme is an innovative platform that provides immersive experiences for its users using its cutting-edge technology. Neononme allows its users to create custom augmented reality experiences using either its mobile application or by visiting one of its physical locations; its mobile app also lets them share them on social media – creating an atmosphere conducive to entertaining experiences for people of all ages according to its website.

Text-to-Communicate is an optional feature within Neon CRM that enables organizations to send communications by text messaging to supporters, members, volunteers and attendees of their nonprofit organization. A nonprofit staff member with administrator access can activate Text-to-Communicate by going into Global Settings > Data Privacy & Consent within Forms & Pages section’s middle column and selecting “Enable SMS Consent”, followed by customizing consent statement accordingly.

NEON differs from previous ecological networks in that its domains are designed to vary climate, biota, soils and land management practices simultaneously – such as Hans Jenny’s work on soil age and climate gradients – making possible new questions and hypotheses not easily or impossibly tested at individual sites. Our project office staff and technical working groups welcome any contributions you have regarding this important research initiative.

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