Myhoneyrose – A Nostalgic Honey Globe Rose

Sweet and light, this long-wearing perfume transports you directly into a rose garden in full bloom. Wearable and easy on your skin – take yourself back with each spritz!

Beautifully fragrant with delicate apricot-honey blooms and an intoxicating fruity fragrance, this rose blooms throughout the season until frost. Bred specifically for landscape performance and outstanding taste, its blooms last until frost arrives; easy to grow, it withstands common diseases and conditions and makes an excellent addition to any garden!

Ideal for mixed borders and rock gardens, this compact shrub displays stunning ruby-red flower clusters adorned with yellow anthers in late spring. Orange Honey Rose’s dense foliage makes an eye-catching accent to other shrubs in your garden, especially when planted behind full-sized rosebushes for a tiered effect. A very hardy and versatile plant, Orange Honey Rose thrives under shade, full sun, heat, cold, as well as in different soil conditions. Roses thrive in fertile, well-draining soil with an acidic pH level and require very minimal upkeep after planting. When pruning plants in early spring to remove faded blooms and stems that have crossed over, then feed with general purpose rose fertilizer regularly; mulching in winter helps protect them from freezing temperatures.

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