Knock1knock was an exciting flick with plenty of tension that kept viewers guessing as to what would happen next. The acting was excellent throughout, particularly from young female characters who seemed sickly and sinister beyond belief. Keanu Reeves performed admirably during most of the movie but became slightly too sentimental at times towards its conclusion; I would certainly recommend this thriller film to any fan of thrillers!

Erotic thriller that will remind audiences of films such as Funny Games, The Strangers and The Boy Next Door. Ana de Armas shines as Bel, an irresistibly charismatic killer capable of drawing out our empathy even during her most offensive scenes.

This movie explores themes of revenge, trauma and justice as well as what may be seen as taboo acts such as voyeurism and their effect on society.

The film’s climax is one of the most shocking and intense scenes ever witnessed in cinema history; this scene alone would justify admission fees!

Knock1knock despite some impressive acting and suspense ultimately falls into the same traps that most invasion torture films do. While several scenes were highly disturbing in a good way, overall this film did not deliver as a horror flick.

Roth is known for crafting impressive movies in the past and I was anticipating something more remarkable from his latest effort, Knock Knock. While not one of his top films, Knock Knock is far from being memorable either.

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