Effy Stonem is a girl who knows how to have fun. Although seemingly timid and innocent at first glance, her mind of an exceptional child soon become apparent through beating her mother at hide and seek and her close relationship with Tony (their older brother).

As she matures she begins to exhibit more manipulative tendencies; using her intelligence and beauty to get what she wants with boys, parents, teachers, dark makeup and smoky eyeliner to express herself humorously and to get what she wants with boys, parents, teachers. She displays an eccentric sense of humour often expressed through dark makeup or eyeliner with dark stripes smudged across. She possesses an instinctual sense of danger and excitement which she expresses by leaving home regularly for drugs, heavy partying or even sexual encounters with Freddie.

From the series we see that beneath Effy’s seemingly carefree appearance lies some serious mental illness. She suffers from Physcotic Depression due to trauma, heartbreak and suppressed memories; furthermore she also exhibits symptoms of Schizophrenia.

As the series progresses, we see Effy opening up more to her friends; although she still attempts to deny her feelings for Freddie. Effy reveals more of herself to them when she tells them about Cook, while it becomes evident she still harbors feelings for Freddie when she visits him in prison and talks openly about their love despite him not reciprocating it yet.

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