Ceramic Sculptor Francescadomi at Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, Wedgwood


Francescadomi draws parallels between her statistical work and marathon running as both require persistence to overcome long-term struggles and reach success in order to gain satisfaction from completing both tasks. Both require perseverance to see their goal through.

Pippy Houldsworth Gallery hosts her latest exhibition by Wedgwood artist Elizabeth Ekstrom: an array of ceramic assemblages that explore opposites and are set against wallpaper and trompe-l’il flooring designed by herself; an installation that plays out like a maximalist fantasy.

Dominici has always challenged traditional notions of beauty and meaning throughout her career, informed by the fractured dynamism of early painting, her sculptures act out an interplay between forms that appear evocative but ultimately materialize themselves; using domestic material, these sculptures translate the narrative between high and low culture; hierarchies collapse as she finds formal connections between disparate sources such as Ming vases and Sevres porcelain to Gucci bags or Vans slip on sneakers for instance.

Through weaving these elements together, her work explores the dynamics between femininity and history, beauty and strength. By dismantling their symbolic and literal meanings to reveal abstract geometric forms with fragile beauty that reminds us how fragile life itself is.

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